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Arun Bavera

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EM12c Upgrade Tasks

Mon, 2015-09-14 13:51
1.      Upgrade Primary OMR, OMS using Installer of   - 2 Hours

2.     Upgrade Primary Agent      - 6 Minutes
3.      Cleanup Agent
4.      Cleanup OMS
5.      Upgrade Secondary  OMS     - 30 Minutes
6.      Cleanup Agent
7.      Cleanup OMS
8.      No Monthly Agent/OMS Pacthes available yet for - Jul-14-2015 expected Jul-30-2015

9.  Install Latest JDK 1.6 (Note: 1944044.1) JDK Updated to
10.     Install Weblogic latest PSU (1470197.1)  
11.  Verify Load Balancer
12.  OMS Sizing

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Forcing Garbage Collection in JDK manually using JVisualVM

Mon, 2015-09-14 13:43
You might have seen many times heap crossing the limit and GC algorithm not working properly and keeping old object long time.
Even though it is not advised to force major GC manually if you come across a situation you can use the following method to clear the Heap.
Note. If the Heap size is huge more than 6GB doing major GC may cause application to wait for couple of seconds. Also, make sure you have enough system memory(RAM) to invoke the tool JVisualVM.
This is typical method in many corporates where X-Windows is not installed on their *NIX machines and app account is locked down for direct login.
1) Login as yourself into Linux/Unix machine and make sure your laptop/Desktop has X-emulator like xming running.
2) Note down the authorized X-keys:    xauth list
3) Login as app owner :     sudo su – oracle
4) Add the X-keys to oracle(App owner session)
xauth add <full string from xauth list from previous session>image

5) Do ps –ef|java , note down the JDK directory and go directly to JDK bin (/opt/app/oracle/jdk1.7.0_55/bin ) in this case we are using JDK7
6) Invoke  ./jvisualvm &
7) Choose the Weblogic PID and make sure in the Overview tab the server name is the one you are interested and Perform manual GC.
  Note: From JDK 7 onwards if your Heap size is more than 6GB then G1GC algorithm works in best possible ways. 
     Also refer:

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