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Arun Bavera

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Monitoring BRM Host Processes using Metric Extension in EM12c

Wed, 2015-05-13 10:01

export CURRENT_USER=brm
for p in dm_oracle cm dm_aq dm_ifw_sync wirelessRealtime.reg
CNT=`ps -ef | grep ${CURRENT_USER} | grep ${p} | grep -v grep | wc -l`
echo ${p} '|' ${CNT}

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EM 12C RACI and Maintenance Task

Fri, 2015-02-13 10:10
TASK RESPONSIBLE ACCOUNTABLE CONSULTED INFORMED Define Monitoring Requirements Target Owners, Infrastructure Teams, EM Admin EM Admin Installation planning and architecture EM Admin EM Admin Target Owners, Infrastructure Installation and configuration of EM EM Admin EM Admin Defining Agent deployment and patching procedures and processes EM Admin EM Admin Security and User Administration EM Admin/Security Admin EM Admin Admin Group Creation EM Admin EM Admin Target Owners Agent Deployment (can be performed by target owners) Target Owners Target Owners EM Admin Agent Patching (can be performed by target owners) Target Owners Target Owners EM Admin Target Configuration and Availability Target Owners Target Owners Agent Troubleshooting Target Owners, EM Admin EM Admin Target Troubleshooting Target Owners Target Owners EM Admin Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Maintenance EM Admin EM Admin Target Owners OMS Patching EM Admin EM Admin Target OwnersRECOMMENDED MAINTENANCE TASKS TASK DAILY BIWEEKLY MONTHLY QUARTERLY Review critical EM component availability X Review events, incidents and problems for EM related infrastructure X Review overall health of the system including the job system, backlog, load, notifications and task performance X Review Agent issues for obvious problems (i.e. large percentage of agents with an unreachable status) X Review Agent issues (deeper /more detailed review of agents with consistent or continual problems) X Review metric trending for anything out of bounds X Evaluate database (performance, sizing, fragmentation) X Check for updates in Self Update (plug-ins, connectors, agents, etc.) Note that there is an out-of-box ruleset that will provide notification for the availability of new updates X Check for recommended patches XReferences:
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Changing Target ownership after the discovery of Targets in EM12c

Thu, 2015-02-05 16:29
Building emcli commands to Change ownership of  Targets

select 'emcli change_target_owner -target="'||target_name||':host" -owner="EM_ADMIN" -new_owner="WEB_ADMIN"' from mgmt$target where target_type='host' and target_name like 'mypattern%'


Categories: Development