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Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (also referred to as SES or OSES) provides a simple Internet-like search experience (think to users searching secure content inside the enterprise. Oracle SES leads to higher productivity and better access to enterprise information - while protecting sensitive data from unauthorized users.

By default SES only allows searches on public data, however, when you login, you get results tailored to your particular access level.


[edit] History

SES was previously called Ultrasearch.

[edit] Internet vs Enterprise Search

Internet search engines:

  • no security
  • index only publicly available data
  • selective indexing - only a subset of the Web can be spidered
  • socially driven (i.e who links to what)

Enterprise search engines:

  • index everything in company
  • can apply security rules (ACLs) based on roles and responsibilities
  • index multiple repositories (see Connectors)

[edit] Connectors

Some of the search connectors provided are:

  • Normal filesystems
  • Oracle Database, SQL Server
  • Oracle Portal, Oracle Content DB
  • Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes
  • Oracle EBS, SAP is planned
  • Google Desktop
  • Web content (internet & intranet)

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