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This report documents the highlights and lowlights of 2006, OraFAQ's 11th year on-line.


[edit] OraFAQ Highlights

  • The OraFAQ wiki was established.
  • Move FAQ's into the new FAQ section.
  • Gabriel Wicke from donated the domain name to us. This domain currently points to the OraFAQ wiki.

[edit] Forum statistics

  • Topics created: 14,704 (up from 13,217 in 2005)
  • Messages posted: 56,988 (up from 46,646 in 2005)
  • Users registered: 12,350 (slightly up from 12,042 in 2005)

Congratulations of to the following users who became moderators in 2006: Littlefoot, Ross Leishman, JRowbottom, Jim Irvine and tarun dua.

[edit] Oracle-l Mailing list

14,076 mailing list posts were archived, down from 15,299 in 2005.

[edit] USENET News

50,004 USENET posts were archived, up from 43,226 in 2005.

[edit] Blogger platform

Users posted 34 blog entries on the OraFAQ (down from 40 in 2005).

Our blogger of the year is Natalka Roshak. Unfortunately, she accepted a new positon at Oracle and will not be able to post new blog entries in 2007.

[edit] Summary

2006 was a great year. Thank you very much to everyone who work so hard to make all of this possible.