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[edit] Intoduction

Oracle's Internet Application Server iAS is a standards based J2EE application server that can be used to deploy applications. It is commonly used to deploy Java applications, but can also be used to deploy PL/SQL applications (mod_plsql), Oracle Forms, Reports and Discoverer workbooks.

iAS components can be divided into Infrastructure and middle tiers components:

[edit] Editions

iAS is made available in several editions:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Standard Edition One
  • Java Edition

[edit] Infrastructure Components

Infrastructure components provide back-end services for the middle tiers components.

[edit] Metadata Repository

Set of supporting schemas installed into an Oracle database.

[edit] Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

OID is a standard LDAP server used for storing identity and configuration settings.

[edit] Management Server

Server providing the management web-site from where components can be monitored, stopped and started.

[edit] Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO provides the ability for a user to authenticate once, combined with strong authentication occurring transparently in subsequent connections to other databases or applications. Single sign-on lets a user access multiple accounts and applications with a single password, entered during a single connection. Single password, single authentication.

[edit] Delegated Administration Services (DAS)

A set of pre-defined services for performing directory operations on behalf of a user. Oracle Internet Directory Self-Service Console makes it easier to develop and deploy administration solutions for both Oracle and third-party applications that use the Oracle Internet Directory.

[edit] Middle Tier Components

[edit] OC4J and Webcache

Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) is a J2EE runtime engine in which developers can deploy Java based applications.

Webcache is a HTTP page caching engine - used to reduce load on the database and OC4J engines.

[edit] Portal and Wireless

Framework that provides a personalized, single point of interaction with Web-based applications and information relevant to individual users or class of users. Portals built using Oracle Portal are made up of pages managed within page groups, containing portlets and items.

[edit] Business Intelligence and Forms

Business Intelligence and Forms provides the runtime platform required for deploying Forms, Reports and Discoverer workbooks. The following components are installed:

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