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Oracle's Documentation (the Manuals) are available on-line, on CD-ROM and in hard-copy book format. These mediums are described below:

On-line documentation (Web)[edit]

All the Oracle manuals are on-line on the TechNet site at

Registration at OTN is immediate, free, and no longer required to view the manuals. Registering and signing in enables some personalization features in the 10gR2 and 11g libraries, such as your own Favorites page.

Unfortunately the Oracle manuals are copyrighted and we (OraFAQ) do not have permission to publish them on this site (it would be darn nice if they let us).

Here is a list of sites that do have the Oracle documentation published on-line (we assume they have permission to do so):

Documentation CDs[edit]

When you order Oracle Software, you will also receive a documentation CD that contains all the generic (platform neutral) documentation. For reference purposes, download this CD to your workstation or upload the content to a website so you and your team can access it.

The platform specific documentation (including the installations guide) normally ships with the installation media. Look under the "/doc" directory on the first product CD or DVD.

Hard copies[edit]

Hard copies of the Oracle documentation set can be ordered from

Also see[edit]

  • Tahiti, project to make Oracle documentation easier to navigate, filter, and search.