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Re: OCP - 8 or 8i? Self Test Software?

From: Ron Rogers <>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 08:55:21 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Second part....
I have used the Selftest software and found them to be very instrimental = in pointing to different areas that need to be refined. The tests are = simular to the actual tests in contects and knowledge. After using the = tests as a guide I found that one resource book did not cover all of the = areas I needed to fully understand and I had to purchase other resource = books that covered a more diverse arena of imformation. I have used the = Osborne Oracle Press "DBA Exam Guide", The Osborne Oracle Press series = "DBA, Tuning, Backup & recovery,and Complete reference" and the Exam Cram = series by M. Ault. This booklearned knowledge along with experience and = practice are very helpfull in passing the OCP exams.=20   Resource material is very important at any job position. The "I may not = know the answer but, I know where to look it up" syndrome is valid in any = field of employement.
Ron Rogers
>>> 07/31/00 07:48PM >>>
Two questions:

  1. I've been studying for the Oracle 8 Database Administration Exam. = However, we've just installed 8i. Do I have a good chance of passing the = 8i Architecture and Administration exam without having specifically = studied 8i capabilities? I haven't done any of the OCP exams yet.
  2. Is the Self Test Software practice exam a reasonable facsimile of the = real exam? I'm doing pretty well on it, and would like to know if that = means I'm almost ready! :-)

Thanks! And, please, let's not start another discussion on the validity = of the OCP. I have to do it - it's in my job objectives for this year. = Besides, I need the knowledge.

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