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Published primarily for Oracle Priority Support customers, the Oracle Infogram is an unofficial news source that combines the best of the Oracle blogs, both inside and outside the firewall, links to useful Metalink notes, announcements, etc. Comments are welcome. We want this to be a place for dialog as well as news.
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<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Tue, 2014-04-15 13:52
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Mark Hurd’s Latest Blog Explains Why Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge

Oracle President Mark Hurd has posted his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog, “Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge.” 
Mark HurdMark Hurd,
President, OracleIn this new blog, Mark writes, “Marketing executives are leading the charge to convince their organizations of the inherent danger in today’s highly digitized buyer-seller relationship. And they’re doing that by proving that “your customers are only one click away from your competitors” is more than just a clever phrase—it’s the difference between being a market leader and going out of business.
"The good news is that as marketing executives strive to develop new customer-engagement models, to optimize multiple channels formerly in conflict and generate new revenue streams, they now have access to world-class marketing-automation tools, which have the potential to keep more prospects from making that one-click jump to a competitor…

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 10-APR-2014

Thu, 2014-04-10 16:35

The Heartbleed vulnerability is causing a major stir. Here are a couple of articles to help clarify what you should do and when:
From lifehackerLastPass Now Tells You Which Heartbleed-Affected Passwords to Change.
and another good article from Mashable: The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now.
Using Sqoop for Loading Oracle Data into Hadoop on theBigDataLite VM, from RittmanMead.
From The Oracle Instructor: Initialization Parameter Handling for Pluggable Databases in #Oracle 12c.
12c New Feature: Limit the PGA, from Peter's DBA Blog.
From The ORACLE-BASE Blog: Online Move Datafile in Oracle 12c
Oracle Internals
From the internals guru Tanel Poder: Oracle X$ tables – Part 1 – Where do they get their data from?.
High Availability
Improving Performance via Parallelism in Oracle Event Processing Pipelines with High-Availability, from the Oracle A-TEAM Chronicles.
From the dbwhisperer: Multi-threaded Oracle 12c architecture on Linux.
OIM 11g R2 Self Registration with CAPTCHA, from Oracle A-TEAM Chronicles.
From Proactive Support - WebCenter Content: Free Learning Sessions on Oracle Fusion Middleware.
SOA Governance Through Enterprise Architecture, from the SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog.
Presentations are serious business, which is why you have to look serious, but relaxed: 10 Body Language Tips Every Speaker Must Know (Infographic), from Entrepeneur.
Over at the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:
Should You Apply The R12.1.3+ EBS Wide RPC or Wait for a Payables Specific RPC?
Learn All About Channel Revenue Management Rebates
Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 2 – Basic Overview, Regime To Rate Setup & Transactional Flow (US Based Setup) From A Financials Perspective
Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 1 – Prerequisites for Regime to Rate Flow Creation
Asset Tracking: How to Capitalize Serialized Normal Items Through Sales Order Shipment
How Can One Disable Continuous Price Breaks in R12?

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Mon, 2014-04-07 13:28
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Learning Library Oracle Learning Library was designed to allow you to search for free online training content (OBEs, Demos and Tutorials) on OTN.
  • Oracle by Example (OBE) tutorials provide hands-on, step-by-step instructions on how to implement various technology solutions to business problems. In addition to the following OBE tutorials, you can also access more product training at the Oracle University Knowledge Center.
  • Demos provide an automated demonstration of a particular task with explanations on how the task is performed.
  • Tutorials provide concept explanations, demos and step-by-step instructions for a particular product or topic.

To access the learning library click here.

Oracle Priority Service Newsletter for 03-APR-2014

Thu, 2014-04-03 18:16

From the Insights from an Oracle University Classroom blog: Using the Container Database in Oracle Database 12c.
Never miss a chance to read Tom writing about Oracle if you can: Tom Kyte writes about Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Option in Oracle Magazine.
From the DBA survival BLOG: Removing passwords from Oracle scripts: Wallets and Proxy Users
also on 12c: Oracle Database 12c Learning Library...
From INTERMEDIATE SQL: How to track SQL performance. Part 1: is it good to be “mean” ?
Jonathan Lewis over at Oracle Scratchpad is posing a challenge. Are you up for it? Diagnostics.
SQL Developer
From that JEFF SMITH: Oracle SQL Developer: Query Builder Video Demonstration.
From the ASM Support Guy: ASM in Exadata.
From ArchBeat: Video: SOA Principles, SOA Applications - Chris Ostrowski
Over at Richard Foote's Oracle Blog: Exadata Storage Indexes – Part I (Beginning To See The Light).
Also from the Oracle index guru Richard Foote: Indexing Foreign Keys (Helden)
From MySQL on Windows: MySQL for Excel 1.2.1 has been released.
From ADF Practice: Binding Container Viewable Attribute.
and from Oracle ADF Stuff: Avoid double download of PDF in popup + inlineframe.
From ...and they shall know me by my speling errors.: 8 Cool Things About Java Streams.
From the iAdvice blog: APEX 5.0: Modal dialogs have never been so easy!.
Over at the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:
New Log Analyzer for Depreciation Error Logs
Experience a Smoother Period Close with the Inventory Analyzer
New Contracts RUP Patches Released
Workflow Analyzer v5.06 Released & Workflow Search Assistant
Webcast: Understanding Event Based Revenue Management & Revenue Contingencies
Intercompany Program Passing Incorrect CREATED_BY Details to Interfaces
What's NEW? 12.1.3+ E-business Suite Recommended Patch Collection 1!
New Feature! Balance Intercompany Journals Using Clearing Balancing Segment Value!
Using Additional Currencies for Reporting Purposes in General Ledger

Webcast: E-Business Tax (EBTax) Webcast Series April 22 - May 7, 2014

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Tue, 2014-04-01 12:57
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Big Data Architecture
Everybody's talking about Big Data, but what are you doing about it? The latest OTN ArchBeat podcast just might help to get you started down the right path to Big Data. The panel for this discussion of Big Data Architecture includes Oracle ACE Director and Hadoop expert Gwen Shapira  and Oracle Big Data Handbook authors Tom Plunkett, Bruce Nelson, and Brian MacDonald.

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 28-MAR-2014

Thu, 2014-03-27 17:16

OOW Proposals Now Open
Time to get your 15 minutes of fame at Oracle OpenWorld: Submit your proposal for a presentation at OpenWorld.
And from Market Wired: Oracle Announces Call for Proposals for MySQL Connect @ OpenWorld 2014.
From Ardent Performance Computing this handy tip: Command Line Attachment to Oracle Support Service Request.
Oak Table member Kyle Hailey discusses Oracle : buffer busy wait.
Long White Virtual Clouds posts on: Choosing the Right ASM Allocation Unit for a Virtualized Oracle Database.
Linux and Java
From LifeHacker: Learn Basic Linux Commands with This Downloadable Cheat Sheet
From (YABAOAE) Yet Another Blog About Oracle Application Express: Faster Rendering of Charts in Oracle Application Express.
What Hashing Algorithm OID uses to store user Password : SSHA or MD5, from Online Apps DBA.
ADF Unleashedposts about: Consuming Async SOA in a WebService Proxy.
From the Oracle Developer Community: Oracle Forms on iPad using ADF Mobile: ODTUG Webinar.
From INTEGRIGY: OBIEE Security and WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST).
Simple Sample Custom Database Authenticator for Oracle Weblogic Server 11g by middleware wonders from WebLogic Partner Community EMEA.
Business Computing

From Forbes: Oracle's Secret Sauce: Why Exadata Is Rocking the Tech Industry.

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Mon, 2014-03-24 14:21
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

New ORAchk Tool Available for Download
ORAchk is a new tool available to proactively scan for known problems within E-Business Suite Financials Accounts Payables, Oracle Database and Sun Systems.

ORAchk features:
  • Proactively scans for the most impactful known problems across your entire Engineered System as well as various layers of your stack
  • Simplifies and streamlines how to investigate and analyze which known issues present a risk to you
  • Lightweight tool runs within your environment; no data will be sent to Oracle
  • High level reports show your system health risks with the ability to drill down into specific problems and understand their resolutions
  • Can be configured to send email notifications when it detects problems
  • Collection Manager, a companion Application Express web app, provides a single dashboard view of collections across your entire enterprise
Learn more at Note:1268927.1

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 20-MAR-2014

Thu, 2014-03-20 17:36

Kyle Haileyposts on Managing database dependent development.
A post of posts at Oracle Scratchpad on Parallel Plans.
SQL Developer
From that JEFF SMITH: Adding and Removing Objects from a SQL Developer Data Modeler SubView.
From Richard Foote's Oracle Blog: Index Rebuild, the Need vs the Implications Support Note 989093.1 (Getting Better).
From Databases and PerformanceSpeeding up Imports.
The Online Apps DBAblog lets us know that Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.8 is now available.
From Oracle BI By Bakboord, a guide to resources on BI: Learn a lot about Oracle BI.
Data Warehousing
From Forbes: The Top 10 Trends In Data Warehousing.
A great SOA resource here from the SOA Community Blog: Oracle SOA Black Belt Cheat Sheets (Free Download of the Year!).
From (YABAOAE) Yet Another Blog About Oracle Application Express: Finally...the official sizing guide for Oracle Application Express.
From Oracle DBA – Tips and Techniques: GoldenGate real-time replication from Active Standby Database to SQL Server 2012 target.
Running R on Hadoop using Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop, from RittmanMead.
Five Mistakes Your Company is Making in China... Right Now, from Forbes.

..and Finally
From SingularityHUB: Latest Tool to Fight Cancer is a Crowdsourcing 'Asteroids'-like Mobile Game.

Mostly obvious stuff, but a couple of pieces of advice that make good sense: I'm a Telemarketer. Here's How to Get Rid of Me, from LifeHacker.
8 pronunciation errors that made the English language what it is today, from The Guardian.

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Mon, 2014-03-17 12:19
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle  Database 12c
Learn more about Oracle Database 12c.  Visit the Oracle Technology Network Database Admins and Developers portal for top downloads, articles and video training. 

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 12-MAR-2014

Wed, 2014-03-12 17:37

Playing a little catch up this week, with part of the material drawn from the archives that didn’t make it into previous columns. Nothing out of date or lacking in quality, mind you, just not the very latest from the blogosphere.
From the Brendan Tierney - Oralytics Blog: ODM Graph Node new Feature.
12c Invisible Columns (The Invisible Man), from Richard Foote.
RMAN and SQL statement enhancements in Oracle Database12c, from Database administrator workshop.
From Baker's Bite: OEM12c Password Change for SYSMAN and Weblogic Administration Accounts.
SQL Developer
From that JEFF SMITH: Diagram Printing to PDF in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler v4.
From Shay Shmeltzer by way of DZone: Deploying the Oracle ADF Summit Application to the Oracle Java Cloud.
Oracle Applications Users Group Opens Call for Presentations for 2014 OAUG Connection Point® Conference.
How to Set Up DTrace to Detect PHP Scripting Problems on Oracle Linux, from OTN.
Film at 11
From Forbes: See Oracle's Sci-Fi Movie "Cloud Odyssey" At Exclusive Screenings.
...And Finally
End of the World Department
Incredibly detailed spoof of various media (WARNING: Contains profanities!): How The Media Will Report The Apocalypse, from BuzzFeed.
In public speaking, as in the donut, it's the silent empty spot in the middle that makes it good: How Can I Avoid Filler Words Like "Um" When I Talk?, from lifehacker.

A remarkable melding of western art and computers on YouTube: 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art.
I may have blogged this before. I don’t care. A bacon alarm clock is just too cool. It must be blogged, and blogged often: App lets bacon-lovers wake to their favorite smell.

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Tue, 2014-03-11 09:52
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Magazine
The March - April 2014 issue of Oracle Magazine is now available.  Learn about updates to engineered systems, features of Oracle Database 12c and more. 

Oracle Support Infogram for 06-MAR-2014

Thu, 2014-03-06 18:49

From flashdba: Oracle AWR Reports: Understanding I/O Statistics.
From Oracle DBA - Tips and Techniques: Oracle Database 12c New Feature – Data Redaction.
And from Oracle University: Instructor Insight: Automatic Data Optimization in Oracle Database 12c
From the ever-useful Pythianblog: Automating DataPump Export.
From the ever-wise Oracle Scratchpad: Predicate Order..
From Dimitri Gielis Blog (Oracle Application Express - APEX): APEX Listener => Oracle REST Data Services.
From From the Unwinding ADF blog: ADF Mobile - How to add a record using Constructor option.
Mobile Design Patterns with Oracle ADF Mobile, from the WebLogic Partner Community EMEA.

SOA, Empowerment and Continuous Improvement, from the SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog.
Oracle WebCenter Portal Builder Demonstration by TEAM Informatics
From the magnificently name A blog without a catchy title comes this: The WebLogic Server and Trust Stores.
From virtualizationinfo: Oracle releases beta of Oracle VM 3.3.
And on the topic of updates: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.8 Released, from
From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:
Did You Know? Here’s just a few reasons why you should apply the new 12.1.3 Procurement RUP Patch
Webcast: Understanding & Troubleshooting Invoices With Rules & Revenue Recognition
Logging a Cash Managment SR? New Problem Types Available in MOS!
Thirteen New Demantra Whitepapers and Sizer Announcement
New SEPA ISO Direct Debit Patch Released
Need Assistance With A Create Mass Additions Issue?
Oracle eBusiness Suite OTM Analyzer Version 1.04 is now available
From SmartData Collective: Oracle Modernizes HR with Mobile and Wearable Computing.
...And Finally
Once in a while the filters I use to gather Oracle news from hither to yon misfire and give me new on oracles that are not Oracle. Usually I just cruise right by, but this one caught my eye and ear: The Archaeology of Sound; The Oracle Chamber Of Malta’s Hypogeum Of Ħal-Saflieni, from ATS (abovetopsecret).

And in app news: As Homer Simpson would say about this application ‘Must have bacon alarm clock…DROOOOL’: New Oscar Mayer alarm clock app releases smell and sound of bacon, From the LA Times. Of course sleepy Homer would pick it up, lick, it, declare: ‘Hey! This isn’t bacon at all!’ and throw it out the window.

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram

Mon, 2014-03-03 10:58
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

The CEO's Perfect Storm:  Demographics, Data and Devices Change Everything
Read Mark Hurd's views on the drastic changes we will see in the workplace in the next 5 to 10 years. 

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 27-FEB-2014

Thu, 2014-02-27 19:33

At Oracle SQL Tuning Toools and Tips: Meet “edb360″: a free tool that provides a 360-degree view of an Oracle database.
Oracle on Solaris
From OTN: Oracle Solaris for IBM AIX Users.
From Proactive Support - Identity Management: Sustaining Engineer Release Announcment OIM Bundle Patches Released.
From the Java Platform Group, Product Management blog: Managing multiple Java versions.
From Proactive Support - WebCenter Content: Attend this LIVE Webcast to learn about the latest enhancements to WebCenter Content!
Cloud Computing
You want documentation? Yah, we got that: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.
Mobile Computing
Oracle Joins Mobile Security from The VAR Guy.
Coding Oracle
From that JEFF SMITH: How to Start the PL/SQL Debugger.
Oracle VirtualBox
From Unixmen: Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.8 Has Been Released!
JD Edwards White Paper
New white paper: Solution-in-a-box: Best practices for deploying JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database Appliance.
Business Computing
Podcast: Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Disruptive Tech, from ArchBeat.
Business Analytics
Oracle runs a question of the week survey. Here's the one for this week: Do you feel that data security concerns in the cloud are diminishing?
Public Sector Roundtable
Oracle is presenting a roundtable called Empower the Enterprise. Technology Your Way.
A discussion on Ray Kurweil, Google, and the future of the seen through robotic eyes: Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering thinks so…at The Guardian.
And speaking of the future, this time the near future, here are some Tech Predictions for the Year of the Horse from ...and they shall know me by my speling errors.
I’m a big fan of Safari books. Here’s a new one making a splash in tech circles: Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple Second Edition.
...And Finally
How to write boffo copy and presentations: 12 Writing Exercises That Will Transform Your Copy Today. (Hint, don't actually use the term 'boffo' in your presentations).

From TOXEL.COM: Ads vs Real Fast Food. Looks to me like McDonalds did the best on this.

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram

Tue, 2014-02-25 14:31
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Ellison Honors Steve Jobs at Business Hall of Fame
This is very different than my usual technical posts, but I think it is very worthwhile.  Be sure to watch the embedded video in the article to hear Larry give a touching tribute to his friend, Steve Jobs. 

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 20-FEB-2014

Thu, 2014-02-20 17:55

A couple of neat items from Jonathan Lewis at Oracle Scratchpad, as always: Upgrade
Caution – hints
What Happens When Active DB Duplication Goes Wrong?, from Pythian.
From the Databaseadministrator workshop: How to recover a table in a pluggable database from a backup.
A lot of good hands on is starting to come out for 12c, both day to day operations and taking advantage of new features.
From TwelveC: Oracle 12c: How to setup your database to support extended datatypes?
From COMPUTERWORLD: Oracle 12c database to get speedy SAP certification.
Runtime Load Balancing Advisory in RAC 12c, and Runtime Load Balancing Advisory in RAC 12c-addendum, at Martins Blog.

SQL Developer
From that JEFF SMITH: Auto-Replace in Oracle SQL Developer?
At Galo Balda's Blog: SQL Developer’s PL/SQL Debugger and Oracle 12c.
The Best Resources to Learn to Code, from Lifehacker.
How-to Install the Best Perl IDE for Oracle Linux Step-by-Step Easy Guide. from, Tutorial for Linux.
At DZone: Free Java Profiling with Oracle Java Mission Control
From Gökhanatil: Tips And Tricks For Installing Oracle Internet Directory.
Humantask Assignment in Oracle BPM Suite and SOA Suite, at the AMIS Technology Blog.
At daust_de :: Oracle XE / APEX: Oracle APEX Listener - support for Apache Tomcat.
From Oracle E-Business Suite Technology
Oracle Database Certified with EBS 11i on Additional HP Platforms
Oracle Access Manager Certified with Oracle E-Business Suite
E-Business Suite Release 12.2 available on Windows x64
From Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:
Demantra Performance and Setup Analyzer Script and Monitoring Tool

Troubleshooting Assistant Now Available for Invoice Validation!
Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) 6.3.3 is now available!
EBS Business Process Advisor: CRM Channel Revenue Management
ASCP Integration with Oracle Transportation Management
RUP-IT! For Inventory, Warehouse Management and Receiving
Service Items Can Now be Promotional Get Items
Learn More About EBS R12.2
At Integrigy: Oracle E-Business Test and Development Databases and PCI Compliance.
Scientific Computing
One Billion Stars, 30,000 Light Years, And Petabytes Of Data, Oracle goes cosmic. from Forbes.

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram

Mon, 2014-02-17 14:28
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Watch New Video to Discover the Seven Ways ORACLE TEAM USA Sails Like Successful IT Teams
ORACLE TEAM USA successfully defended the 34th America's Cup in 2013 in San Francisco. Oracle’s new video, “Seven Ways Oracle TEAM USA Sails Like Successful IT Teams,” features captivating sailing footage while Oracle CIO Mark Sunday and ORACLE TEAM USA’s Ian Burns discuss how innovation happens, lessons IT can learn from the team's success, and important parallels between great sailors and top IT pros.
Oracle CIO Mark Sunday (right) talks with ORACLE TEAM USA’s Ian Burns. Oracle CIO Mark Sunday (right) talks with ORACLE TEAM USA’s Ian Burns.You can view the almost 10-minute video on

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 13-FEB-2014

Thu, 2014-02-13 19:19

At Julian Dontcheff's Database Blog: Oracle Exadata myths and misconceptions.
At Solaris Defined Networking ;-): Oracle Solaris 11 Integrated Load Balancer.
Registration Open: Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration (1Z0-062), at the Oracle Certification blog.
OTN Developer Day: Pre-Workshop Setup Instructions: Hands-on Database Application Development.
From enkitec: CLOB Data in a Region, How to retrieve one or more CLOB fields into a PL/SQL region.
Some good stuff posted over at WEBLOGIC COMMUNITY: Additional new material WebLogic Community.
From Online Apps DBA: Oracle IAM Certification Matrix – Supported JDK, WebLogic, OS.
And from the same blog: Upgrade Oracle IAM (OES) from 11gR2 ( to 11gR2 PS2 ( lessons learned
Creating MS Word reports with Java at the REWOO Blog.
At the really well named ...and they shall know me by my speling errors. blog: 8Cool Things About Java Streams.
From DZone: Blaze: A Python Compiler for Big Data.
Okay, and now an article on the dark side of Python, which should probably be considered a security vulnerability and countermeasures created: How to kick everyone around you off wifi with Python, from Dan McInerney.
Finally, for those of you getting in touch with your academically inclined geek using Python, there is this: A Study of Python's More Advanced Features Part I: Iterators, Generators, itertools, at Math U Code.
From Modern HR in the Cloud, take the survey: What is Your Opinion on Cloud and HCM?
...And Finally
10 Signs Your Geek Lost That Loving Feeling, from InformationWeek..
Soon you’ll be able to curse at traffic AND your stupid computer at the same time: U.S. Agencies Take Significant Step Toward Wirelessly Connecting Vehicles To One Anotherfrom Singularity Hub.

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Mon, 2014-02-10 14:32
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

With the latest My Oracle Support upgrade to MOS 6.8, My Oracle Support Community will share the same platform as Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Community. Refer to Note:1614073.1 for an overview.

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 06-FEB-2014

Thu, 2014-02-06 19:28

Your faithful editor is a bit under the weather this week, so a bit of a short issue, but some bits and pieces of interest nonetheless.
Log Buffer #357, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs, a posting of links blog like the Infogram, is out with a new issue. From Pythian.
From Oracle Scratchpad: Minus.
At Striving for Optimal Performance: Extension Bypassed Because of Missing Histogram.
SQL Developer
From that JEFF SMITH: Oracle SQL Developer 101: PLSQL Compiler Warnings, Errors and the Right Gutter.
Computing is a moving target. This article from Infoworld discusses fundamentals of business models and the future from my boss many, many levels up the tree: Ellison: Facebook is new model for business applications.
JD Edwards
New white paper: Solution-in-a-box: Best practices for deploying JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database Appliance.
From Siebel Essentials: Upgrade Notes: Siebel Innovation Pack 2013 - Part 2.
From Oracle WebCenter Alerts: Upcoming WebCenter Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Meetings in March and April, 2014. Assigning a User Roles for Specific Asset Groups, from the Ops Center blog.
From RittmanMead: Testing Oracle Direct Connector for HDFS as an Alternative to Hive ODBC for OBIEE11g.
From WebLogic Partner Community EMEA, news on Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop.
...And Finally

World's first paperless public library in US Bexar County, Texas. Okay, I was one of the people who ordered a Kindle in the first four hours it was available (and all 10k of them were sold out). But I still feel this odd twinge when seeing this ‘library’ without books. Guess I’m a hybrid, part digital, part dinosaur.
GATES SPENDS ENTIRE FIRST DAY BACK IN OFFICE TRYING TO INSTALL WINDOWS 8.1. Okay, I get that this is a spoof, but wouldn't it be epic if it was true? I remember reading once that he put his whole palatial mansion on Windows, with a system that turned on big wall scale screens when you came in...but couldn't turn it off totally and the system kept him up all night making buzzing sounds.