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Marco Gralike

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About Oracle, XMLDB and other interests...
Updated: 2 days 18 hours ago

Getting started with XQuery Update Facility 1.0

Tue, 2014-10-28 07:15
DeleteXML, InsertXML, UpdateXML, appendChildXML, insertChildXML, insertchildXMLafter, insertChildXMLbefore, insertXMLafter and insertXMLbefore are dead (& deprecated) from…

Download Oracle VirtualBox VM with Database version

Fri, 2014-10-24 06:35
Somehow missed the announcement that the Oracle Development team refreshed (9/26/2014) the VirtualBox Oracle Database…

Ordina Open Wereld 2014

Fri, 2014-10-24 02:18
Werelds grootste IT conferentie, Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco is voorbij. Meerdere Ordina mensen zijn…

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – Datatype context…?!

Tue, 2014-09-30 20:26
The native JSON database functionality presentations are done. If you want to experience first hand…

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – New Data Formats and Integration

Mon, 2014-09-29 18:13
Especially on this Monday it seems all about new database data intern ration technologies and…

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – In the middle of it…

Sun, 2014-09-28 10:50
It’s funny this might be one of the first time in years that my strange…

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – XML and JSON presentations, meetings and Hands-On Labs

Fri, 2014-09-19 02:30
Oracle OpenWorld is about to start and I am looking forward to it. This year…

Oracle Database – Getting started with JSON Path Expressions

Fri, 2014-09-12 03:52
Yesterday my colleague Alex and I had the pleasure to do some extra presentations during AMIS’s Oracle OpenWorld preview evening. While still not getting around...

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Oracle Database – Turning OFF the In-Memory Database option

Tue, 2014-07-29 07:03
So how to turn it the option off/disabled…As a privileged database user: > Just don’t set the INMEMORY_SIZE parameter to a non zero value…(the default...

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Oracle Database – Turning on the In-Memory Database option

Thu, 2014-07-24 06:26
It is indeed that sample as switching a knob to turn it on. To enable it you will have to set a reasonable among of...

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Oracle Database – Native JSON Support (1)

Thu, 2014-07-24 06:17
Oracle Database has now native support build-in for handling JSON (Javascript Object Notation) data. Oracle Database supports JSON natively with relational database features, including...

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Oracle Database – New Features

Tue, 2014-07-22 11:21
The world around us is changing and new stuff in the Oracle database arena is nowadays released on patch level. Although not many new features...

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Loading XML documents into an Oracle database (2)

Fri, 2014-07-18 16:47
If only I could do the following…(but it seems that it isn’t supported yet)… That is…based on the first “Loading XML documents into an Oracle...

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Loading XML documents into an Oracle database (1)

Fri, 2014-07-18 15:11
Very often people want to load XML documents into an Oracle database so, for example, they can shred the needed values from those XML documents...

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Using Database In-Memory Column Store with Complex Datatypes (1)

Wed, 2014-07-16 05:51
The Oracle database version, with the In-Memory option, isn’t yet released, but a lot of detail is already out there since it’s announcement by...

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Downloading VirtualBox VM “Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR4″

Sat, 2014-07-12 11:10
Strangely enough those cool VirtualBox VM machine downloads are nowadays a bit scattered on different Oracle places on and others. So in all that...

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