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Best of OTN - Week of April 6th

Fri, 2014-04-11 13:58
Architect Community

Video: Preview of Great Lakes Oracle Conference, May 13-14, 2014
This year's Great Lakes Oracle Conference (GLOC) includes more than 40 technical sessions, including keynote presentations by Tom Kyte and Oracle ACE Director Scott Spendolini, plus sessions by Oracle ACE Directors Steven Feuerstein, Alex Gorbachev, and Cameron Lackpour. In this video interview Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group (NEOOUG) President John Hurley and Sr. NEOOUG Chairman Rumpi Gravenstein share details and a little background on the Conference.

Deploying Applications using #WLST | René van Wijk
Oracle ACE Director Rene van Wijk describes how to use the Oracle WebLogic Server extensions to the Java EE deployment API specification.

How to configure Oracle SOA/BPM task auto release | Jan van Zoggel
Oracle ACE Jan van Zoggel shows you how to use the "task auto release" feature in the Oracle SOA-INFRA to configure the automatic release times that determine when Oracle SOA/BPM tasks are made available for all other users.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart:
Don Draper is Stuck in an Elevator, by the fine folks at Funny or Die.

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Virtual Developer Day - Java 2014 - Register!

Mon, 2014-04-07 11:37

Our next Virtual Developer Day is around JAVA! Watch tutorials from the experts to improve your expertise in Java, and ask questions during live chats. This FREE virtual event will cover:

  • Java SE 8 New Features: Lambdas and more
  • The latest on the Java EE 7 

  • How Java makes it easy for you to control a wide range of embedded devices.
We will have three chances for you to hear from experts in Java SE 8 , Java EE 7 and Java Embedded - May 6th (Americas), May 14th (EMEA) and May 21st (APAC).

Register today!

Best of OTN - Week of March 31st

Fri, 2014-04-04 12:25

Java Community

Java 8 is Revolutionary! 
The Java SE 8 launch event is available for replay, plus 30+ videos covering the technical features of this revolutionary release. Download Java SE 8 and watch the videos.

Updated Java Tutorials
Find out where the tech docs have been updated for the Java 8 release.

For the Business Set: 8 Reasons to Love Java 8
Yes, Java 8 is a developer's dream. Find out from Forbes the business-level view of Java 8.

Friday Funny from OTN Java Community Manager Tori Wieldt -
Dentist: "Do you floss regularly?"
Me: "Do you back up your computer data regularly?"
Thanks, @scott4arrow !

Architect Community

The top 3 most popular OTN articles written by members of the architect community for the month of March 2014.

Cookbook: Installing and Configuring Oracle BI Applications
by Mark Rittman and Kevin McGinley
A step-by-step guide to installing, configuring, and loading an initial set of tables within Oracle BI Applications, using data sourced from Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.

Enterprise Service Bus
by Juergen Kress, Hajo Normann, Danilo Schmiedel, Guido Schmutz, Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Torsten Winterberg, and Bernd Trops
Answers to some of the most important questions surrounding the use of an enterprise service bus, using concrete examples to clarify correct areas of application. Part of the Industrial SOA article series.

Starting and Stopping a Java EE Environment when using Oracle WebLogic
by René van Wijk
Oracle ACE Director and Fusion Middleware specialist René van Wijk explores ways to simplify the life-cycle management of a Java EE environment through the use of scripts developed with WebLogic Scripting Tool and Linux Bash.

Friday fun from OTN Architect Community manager Bob Rhubart:
Check out this live concert video from the Ben Miller Band out of Joplin, Missouri. Can you say "Wah-wah washboard"?

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Best of OTN - Week of March 23rd

Fri, 2014-03-28 13:19

Java Community - 

Java 8 Launch - Over 9000 developers joined the Java 8 launch webcast. You can watch the replay and over 30 videos covering features of Java 8.

Java Tutorials Update for Java 8 - Find the JDK 8 Release Notes, and updates for specific features.

Java 8, Eclipse, and the Future
Java 8 Day at EclipseCon was standing room only. Learn what Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of Eclipse Foundation, said about the trends he sees that will have an impact on developers and IDEs in the future.

Friday Funny by OTN Java Community Manager Tori Wieldt: Easy come, easy go Thanks @aljensen7

Architect Community - 

Video: ADF - Designing for Application Customization & MDS - MDS Infrastructure Decisions | Frank Nimphius
In this episode of ADF Architecture TV Frank Nimphius covers the MDS repository infrastructure you need for customizable and personalizable ADF applications.

You Are Not Even Wrong About the Cloud - Part 3 | RogerG
"The Cloud is not magic – reduced costs are not suddenly available through magic Cloud pixie dust," says RogerG. His article clears up some common misconceptions about moving existing applications to the cloud.

IoT end-to-end demo - Remote Monitoring and Service | Harish Doddala
IoT expert Harish Doddala's demo "showcases how the health of remotely deployed machinery can be monitored to illustrate how data coming from devices can be analyzed in real-time, integrated with back-end systems and visualized to initiate action as may be necessary."

Friday Funny by OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart: How about never?
This is my all-time favorite New Yorker cartoon, the creation of the brilliant Bob Mankoff. Reproducing the cartoon here would violate copyright laws, so you'll have to click the link. It's worth it.

Database Community - 

The Oracle Big Data Appliance 2.5 was released last week. With every BDA release, we upgrade the Big Data Light VM. Get it Now!

Quick Read: great article from Deiby Gómez (Oracle ACE), YV Ravikumar (Oracle OCM) & Nassyam Basha (OCP) on how “Flex ASM” and “Flex Cluster” support demanding requirements of Cloud Computing-oriented environments.

Friday Funny by OTN Database Community Manager Laura Ramsey: Oracle ACE Director Bjoern Rost is getting ready for the RAC ATTACK at the Finnish User event in Helsinki in June. (see picture at top.)

Systems Community

If You Have to Ask, You Wouldn't Understand - Resources, software, links, and the proper developer attitude to join the beta program for Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4, which began this week.

More Tips for Remote Access with Oracle Linux - Robert Chase continues with his series of tips and tricks for using SSH and other utilities to connect to a remote server.

Friday Funny by OTN Systems Community Manager, Rick Ramsey: OTN's Got Talent - Bob Rhubart, who manages the OTN Architect community, is also the lead singer for The Elderly Brothers, a band in Cleveland, Ohio.  I love their blend of old folk, blues, and rock.  White Freightliner is my favorite.

Best of OTN - Week of March 21st

Fri, 2014-03-21 10:26

The Java Community is Buzzing: 

Java SE 8 is Now Available!

Java Platform, Standard Edition 8 (Java SE 8) is a major feature release and is now generally available. It contains new features and enhancements in many functional areas.

Mark Your Calendars:  Java 8 Launch Webcast- March 25, 10:00 AM PDT

Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group, will gather with a few friends to talk about the Java SE 8 platform.  Check out the agenda that includes panel discussions about the components and platform priorities, plus Java SE 8 and the Internet of Things.  We'll have a chat with Adam Messinger, CIO of Twitter, and other technology industry leaders that depend on Java SE 8 innovation.  Go here to register

Mark Reinhold: Thanks To So Many

Ever wonder what is involved in completing a major new release of a software system as large as the JDK? Mark Reinhold talks about the dedicated work of many hundreds of developers, with indirect contributions from thousands more that made Java SE 8 possible. 

Java SE 8 Features and Details

Lambdas are live! How do they work? Check out the Java SE 8 pages on OTN to find out about all the new features--Lambdas, and polyglot programming included.

See what's new in the Database/Developer Community:

Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU 2.0) Now available

Here's what you need to know: Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) 2.0 is the officially supported method for migrating Oracle 12c Pluggable Databases (PDBs) to the Unicode character set. Oracle DMU also supports migrating selected prior database releases of 10.2, 11.1 and 11.2. Get the download here.

Oracle R Enterprise 1.4 is now available 

Check out several new and enhanced algorithms, high performance computing infrastructure enhancements, and additional tools supporting production deployment. The whole story is here on the Oracle R Technologies page on OTN or Get the download here. 

Systems Community Has Solaris 11 Tips:

Configuring COMSTAR to Provide Local iSCSI Storage

Alexandre Borges walks through the steps to configure the Common Multiprotocol SCSI TARget (COMSTAR) capability in Oracle Solaris 11. Find out how to provide local iSCSI storage to Windows, Linux and Mac clients.

How to Preserve Unpacked Software During a Package Uninstall 

If you use the Image Packaging System (IPS) in Oracle Solaris 11 to uninstall all packaged content from a directory, it also removes the directory. Not good if you also kinda sorta loaded unpackaged content into that directory. Alta Elstad shows you how to avoid this problem. 

Ciao for now!


Oracle DMU 2.0 Supports Migration of Oracle 12c PDBs to Unicode

Tue, 2014-03-18 14:45

New! Oracle DMU 2.0 is now available. 

Here's what you need to know: Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) 2.0 is the officially supported method for migrating Oracle 12c Pluggable Databases (PDBs) to the Unicode character set. Oracle DMU also supports migrating selected prior database releases of 10.2, 11.1 and 11.2.

Get the download here.

Here's what's interesting:  Migration to the Unicode character set is an intricate process that involves many time-consuming and resource intensive operations. Any misstep along the way can lead to data loss. Oracle DMU provides an end-to-end workflow that guides the DBA through a detailed and customizable migration process with real-time progress updates. Additional recovery and diagnostic mechanisms enable a fault-tolerant migration in the event of runtime contingencies.

Other new features in DMU 2.0 include:

  • Enhanced bulk cleansing features with pattern-based replacement to resolve certain classes of data convertibility issues
  • Support for migrating PeopleSoft databases to Unicode
  • Improved conversion error-handling mechanisms 

If you need a technical overview about character set migration, migration tools and considerations including benefits of Unicode, check out the Indepth Guide to Migrating Databases to Unicode.

Anything else you need to know about DMU 2.0?  Go to the DMU page on OTN

Ciao for Now!


Best of OTN - Week of March 9th

Fri, 2014-03-14 13:14

Yes that's a mound of OTN t-shirts, and that can mean only one thing: Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne are around the corner!   We've already started to plan, and we'd love your feedback on the features and activities you'd like to see at the OTN Lounges this year.  Please take this quick poll

Architect Community - 

Video: Designing for Security - ADF Security and SSO | Frank Nimphius
Frank Nimphius explains ADF Security as a framework tool, discusses Oracle solutions for SSO with ADF, and offers help in identifying hookpoints in ADF Security that you can use to protect Java EE applications built with ADF.

ArchBeat Youtube Top 10 Videos (Feb 9, 2014 – Mar 10, 2014)
Whether you're looking for straight up tech how-to or insight from experts in Oracle technologies, you'll find what you need in this list of the top 10 most popular OTN Archbeat YouTube videos for the last 30 days.

MDM and SOA: Be Warned!
This article, part of the "Industrial SOA" series, offers a motive for using MDM, presents typical variants for possible MDM architecture concepts, and illustrates the interplay of MDM and SOA.

Friday funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart:
"When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity." -- Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 – April 18, 1955)

Java Community - 

The Java 8 Tour

The Java 8 Tour will be crossing the globe to spread the word about latest in Java, especially the Java SE 8 release. The inaugural leg will be the NightHacking Java 8 Tour in Europe. Join in person or online.

Java EE 8 Community Input

The Java EE 8 team is looking for community input for planning the next release of Java EE. This phase is prioritizing features, here's you chance! The survey will close March 24th, midnight, Pacific time.

Java 8 Questions

Tweet your questions about Java 8 using #Java8QA. On the live keynote March 25 they will answer your questions.

Friday NOT Funny: When you push a broken build to production on Friday at 5pm: Thanks, @IamDeveloper 

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Best of OTN - Week of March 2nd

Fri, 2014-03-07 13:20

This week has been very busy in the Java Community. Just in case you missed... The IoT Developer Challenge just launched and the Java 8 keynote address and more than 35 sessions coming up March 25th.  Now on to the Best of...

Architect Community

SOA's People Problem
Sometimes the biggest obstacle to successful SOA has little to do with technology. Community leaders share insight in this article from the latest issue of Oracle Magazine.

Dynamic endpoint binding in Oracle SOA Suite | Alexander Daeubler
"Sometimes a BPEL process instance has to determine at run-time which implementation of a web service interface is to be called," explains Alexander Daeubler. His post shows you how to achieve that using dynamic endpoint binding.

Programmatic Identity Assertion with Oracle Platform Security Services | Shailesh K. Mishra
This short article from a member of the Oracle Identity Manager team shows how programmatic identity assertion can be performed using OPSS APIs in cases where code must run under the security context of a runtime identity.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart: Stores That Tell You Exactly What They Are
A music video

Database Community:

Free Webcast: Upgrade and migrate to Oracle 12c  - Almost 90 minutes about Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c with or without Multitenant Option. Available now on demand.Register here and watch it whenever it is convenient for you.

Playing Nice Together   - Arup Nanda explains how to use the Consolidated Database Replay feature of Oracle Real Application Testing in Oracle Database 12c to gauge the impact of consolidating workloads.

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Java 8 Launch Webcast on Tuesday March 25, 2014

Thu, 2014-03-06 11:23

Oh yeah, Java 8 is coming...

The single-largest upgrade ever to the programming model, Java 8 gives developers the power to extend innovation through the largest, open, standards-based, community-driven platform, spanning small devices to cloud-based development. That's why you don't want to miss the Java 8 Launch Webcast on Tuesday March 25, 2014 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT.

The event is hosted by Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of Oracle's Java Platform Group, and features:

  • A live Twitter Q&A on Java SE 8 new features and enhancement with a panel of Java luminaries (use #Java8).
  • A live chat with Twitter CIO Adam Messinger
  • A panel discussion on Java 8 and the Internet of Things (IoT) with Peter Utzschneider (VP Product Management, Oracle), Geoff Lees (Sr VP, Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd.), Charlene Marini (VP Marketing, ARM), and Matt Eichenberger (Dir. Business Development, Qualcomm)

Register now for the Java 8 keynote address and more than 35 deep-dive technical sessions.

Tweet us now: Use #Java8 to tweet questions for the Oracle Java Architect Team in advance of and during the event.

IoT Developer Challenge - Chance to win a trip to JavaOne SF 2014

Mon, 2014-03-03 14:35

Team OTN Java Community, Yolande Poirier and Tori Wieldt, are proud to be bringing to you the IoT Developer Challenge.  Read on to learn more (from the Java Source blog). 

Show the world your embedded Java + Internet of Things (IoT) application for a chance to win a trip to JavaOne 2014! 12 winners will receive a trip to JavaOne 2014, the #1 place to meet world-renowned Java experts. In addition, six students will receive laptops and certification vouchers. Team up and submit the video and code of your project  by May 30, 2014.  Official rules can be found here.

Don't know how to start? We are providing eight free online training sessions in March and April. They will introduce you to embedded Java Embedded, IoT, Raspberry Pi and more. Everyone who registers gets a chance to win a Raspberry Pi starter kit.  

Need just a little bit of help? We will provide experts along the way -- regular "office hours." Ask questions on the Challenge forums and check the online resources. There may be some source code and solutions you can use for your project.  

At previous developer challenges, we've had developers:

  • Connect a doorbell to a camera, taking a picture and sending it to a cell phone when someone rings the doorbell.
  • Help blind people figure out which recycling container to use ("put it in the blue can" doesn't help!)
  •  Control a toy monster truck from a phone (Monster Truck As A Service!) 
  •  Connect a heart monitor to Google glass so your doctor or trainer can see your heart rate.

This short video shows them in action: 

Entries will be judged based on their implementation, innovation and usefulness:

  • Quality: a well-implemented project that uses Oracle Java Embedded with computer boards, devices or IoT Technologies
  • Innovation: a new and innovative way of using Java Embedded.
  • Usefulness: a project that meets a business need.

Learn more and register for the IoT Developer Challenge at

Best of OTN - Week of February 23rd

Fri, 2014-02-28 13:38

OTN is always finding GREAT content to share!  Here is just a sampling from this past week...

Java Community -

Vert.x: A Project to Watch
Vert.x is one of the most popular Java projects on GitHub. Sometimes called "Node.js for the JVM," it is a ployglot event-drive app platform. It is 100% open source.

10 Examples of HotSpot JVM Options in Java
Developer Javin Paul provides examples of 10 different categories of JVM parameter which he finds useful and uses more frequently than others.

Learn about Lambdas at the Java 8 Day at EclipseCon
Alex Buckley, spec lead for Java and the JVM, is one of the many great speakers at Java 8 Day at EclipseCon. He'll speak about the Java SE 8 language changes and will take a detailed look at their use by the parallel streams libraries.

Friday Funny: List of Animals with Fraudulent Diplomas

Database Community

Big news: 3 new releases for Oracle Developers - Oracle APEX Listener is now Oracle REST Data Services.

Hey Big Data Fans: Got slides? Mark Hornick gives an overview of how to use Oracle R to unlock the value of Big Data, and the advantages of using R for Data Loading, Discovery and Data Prep.

Friday Funny from Laura Ramsey, OTN Developer community Manager:  Roland Smart, VP of OTN and LMGTFY expert, promotes his presentation at SXSW:

Architect Community

Simplifying Enterprise Mobile Integration | Mala Ramakrishnan
"There are two ways to developing an enterprise mobile strategy with SOA -- controlling the end-to-end integration experience from the enterprise to the hand held, or exposing enterprise assets through APIs for third parties to build out mobile solutions," says Mala Ramakrishnan. This post kicks off a three-part series that looks at the role Oracle SOA Suite can play in Mobile Service Enablement and API Management.

Why use Groovy with WebCenter Sites? | Michael Sullivan
"Leveraging a Groovy element gives the developer all the advantages of cleanly packaging business logic in a JAVA syntax scripting language while maintaining the ability to publish and reload code changes dynamically," says solution architect MichealSullivan. Read his detailed post to learn how.

Podcast: Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Disruptive Tech - Part 1
In part one of this three-part program, Oracle ACE Directors Ron Batra, Basheer Khan, and Floyd Teter discuss the importance of understanding the difference between technologies that disrupt and technologies that sustain innovation, and acting on that knowledge.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart: A Brief History of Husbands

Oracle @ EclipseCon 2014

Thu, 2014-02-27 12:35

EclipseCon 2014 is March 17-24 and Oracle is once again a sponsor.  Check out the GREAT content Oracle is organizing below and register today if you haven't already!

Java 8 Day
The Eclipse Foundation and Oracle are hosting a Java 8 Day at EclipseCon 2014. This will be a great opportunity for Java developers to learn about the new Java 8 features and share in the excitement of the Java 8 launch.

Developing On-Device Java Mobile Apps for iOS ... and Android too!

Now you can leverage your Java development skills to build mobile applications that install and run on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Build HTML5 user interfaces, integrate with native device feature (camera, GPS, etc.) and use Java for the business logic - then deploy to multiple platforms from the same code base. This demo focused session.

Java Application Development Lifecycle in the Cloud

This demo-driven session, explores how to quickly provision a development environments, manage application source code with GIT and Maven, track development Tasks using Mylyn-based issue tracking system, collaborate with teammates on code changes with Code Review, document development processes with hosted Wikis, and implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Eclipse Hudson with Oracle’s Developer Cloud Service.

Worldwide APEX Theming Competition - ODTUG - Kscope14

Tue, 2014-02-25 13:14

Our Friends at ODTUG are hosting the Worldwide APEX Theming Competition. 

This is your opportunity to create APEX themes and have them viewed by the entire international APEX community. The winner will be crowned 2014 ODTUG APEX Theme Developer of the Year at Kscope14 during the Sunday APEX Symposium on June 22, 2014.

Here's what you need to know:

Submissions are now open.

Submissions close on May 15, 2014.

Winners will be announced on June 22, 2014 

Each submission will be examined for technical quality. All submitted themes must be validated successfully against current web standards. Participants should ensure their applications are compatible across all major web browsers, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Technical correctness is essential. 

We all know a well-designed web application must adapt to a wide variety of screen sizes and user interfaces. So Usability and responsiveness is a highly valued criteria, as is Aesthetic appeal. The technical difficulty of how the theme was conceptualized and the design/development process will also be evaluated, with extra points being awarded to submissions that demonstrate use of tools and frameworks, accessibility and reusability for themes that are compatible with at least 2 other packaged applications.

Head over here to get the full story on how to submit.

And the contest rules are here.

Thank you Dimitri Gielis for the great blog presenting Advanced Responsive Design in APEX. A must read to Get Started With Your APEX Theming Competition submission.    

Good Luck!

Ciao for now,


Best of OTN - Week of February 16th

Fri, 2014-02-21 16:48

January and February were abuzz with virtual events targeted at the Americas region.  Now we are at it again with events coming with EMEA and APAC friendly timezones for the Systems and Database communities.  Check it out below -

  • 4th March - Oracle Technology Network's FREE Virtual Developer Day: Building and Deploying Oracle Database Apps Using Modern Techniques - Online Event for DBAs and Database Developers – EMEA friendly times - Register here
  • 18th March - Oracle Technology Network’s FREE Virtual Event for System Administrators – EMEA friendly times - Register here
Architect Community - 

Podcast: Taking Charge: Meeting SOA Governance Challenges - Part 4
The fourth and final segment in the OTN ArchBeat podcast series on SOA Governance is now available, featuring panelists Mark Dutra, Manuel Rosa, Andre Sampaio, and and Oracle ACE Luis Weir. Now you can listen to the entire series!

Using variable structures in Oracle Service Bus | Jan van Zoggel
Oracle ACE Jan van Zoggel shares a quick illustrated tutorial to help you define custom variables with the Oracle Service Bus IDE.

Building an Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse using ODI and Attunity Part 2 : Using ODI and OBIEE with Redshift as a Target/Source | Pete Carpenter
In part 1 of his series Pete Carpenter showed you how to set up "a data warehouse using Amazon Redshift and Attunity, for eventual use with OBIEE and ODI." In part 2 Pete shows you how to set up the connection to Redshift in ODI’s Topology Navigator.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart:
Dave Barry: A journey into my colon -- and yours
Humorist Dave Barry's genuinely hilarious account of his encounter with an important medical procedure.

Database Community -

Oracle launches VM for Big Data developers:  If you’re interested in Big Data, Hadoop and some SQL-on-Hadoop technologies, this is something you’ll want to download and start playing with as soon as possible. Read Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman's blog for helpful hints and observations.

Great Hands On Lab here: Data manipulation using HIVE and PIG
...Hive is a data warehousing system which exposes an SQL-like language called HiveQL. Pig is an analysis platform which provides a dataflow language called Pig Latin. This workshop covers the basics of each language.

Friday Funny from OTN Database Community manager, Laura Ramsey - Oracle Technology Expert Mike Dietrich flies with "Hello Kitty".

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New Recognition Opportunity for Oracle Community Members

Tue, 2014-02-18 16:55
Oracle ACE Program Announces: Oracle ACE Associate

The Oracle ACE program recognizes individuals in the community for sharing their insight and real-world experience. It has over 400 participants in 50+ countries worldwide. The program is now comprised of 3 tiers:

  • Oracle ACE Associate
  • Oracle ACE
  • Oracle ACE Director

The Oracle ACE Associate tier is the baseline entry for community members who are just getting started with their community activism and are working on building their network and community profile. ACE Associates aspire to contribute at higher levels. The addition of this new tier will provide opportunities for further growth and activity.

The Oracle ACE and ACE Director tiers are designed for community members who have proven their dedication to the Oracle community and have a long history of sharing their technical knowledge and experience through various channels: blogs, discussion forums, social networks, event presentations, book authorship.

Participation in the program is by nomination and all levels have a set criteria that must be met to qualify. To learn more about the Oracle ACE Program visit: or these quick links:

Best of OTN - Week of February 9th

Fri, 2014-02-14 14:42

OTN Loves its Members!   Here is even more Best of Content from our Architect and Java Community Managers. 

Architect Community -

Oracle ADF Development: Web, Mobile and Beyond - Video Presentations Now Available
A lot of people have spent a lot of time watching this collection of video presentations from the OTN Virtual Develop Day event Oracle ADF Development: Web, Mobile and Beyond since the videos were made available on the OTN ArchBeat YouTube channel last month. If you missed the original event, no worries. The sessions are all here, and you can watch them as often as you like. Make some popcorn!

Video: Invoking OSB and EDN using C++ and Web Services | Sebastian Lik Kueng Ma
Sebastian Lik Kueng Ma, Software Applications Development Manager at Sembcorp Marine Limited in Singapore, recently published his first article for Oracle Technology Network, A Real-World Guide to Invoking OSB and EDN using C++ and Web Services. In this video Sebastian discusses how his day-to-day experience and the technical environment in which he works provided the basis for the article, and shares his perspective on working with events and biometrics.

Article Series: Industrial SOA
This 13-part article series was written by a collaborative team of eight SOA experts, including four Oracle ACE Directors. We've been adding a chapter each month, and the series will soon wrap up with the addition of the final chapter. The articles are short, concise, and loaded with the level of expertise you'd expect from busload of experienced SOA architects. Catch up to the series one article at a time, or do the whole series at once in a binge read.

Friday Funny: Tools of Guy Power
A morsel of mirth from the Interwebs actually written by OTN Architect Community manager Bob Rhubart.

Java Community

Internet of Things Training
Oracle's MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on creating a Java Embedded applications using a Raspberry Pi starts March 31st. Register now!

Learn How to Program A Robot
NightHacking will feature the NAO robot and lab to learn how to program it.

Java 8
Learn about Java 8 performance improvements and LongAddr vs AtomicLong

Friday Funny
The James Brown school of Git: git down && git onup  Thanks @the_zenspider

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APEX 5.0 Early Access--Get it here!

Mon, 2014-02-10 16:21

Big Week for APEX.

First, APEX celebrated it's 10th anniversary.   

And then, the team launched the APEX 5.0 EA1 program.  

Probably the coolest page for an Oracle EA program I've ever seen.  Watch the video tutorials...and get your APEX moving. 

Major Enhancements include :

  • A new "Page Designer": a completely new IDE designed to greatly improve developer's productivity, allowing you to very quickly enhance and maintain pages within Application Express.
  • Modal Dialogs: Now you can easily define modal (and non-modal) pages complete with the ability to utilize standard page processes.
  • Navigation Lists: The Application Builder has used navigation lists for years.. and now you can, too!
  • Interactive Report Enhancements: In Early Adopter 1, end users can now define a pivot report at runtime, which is similar to defining a group report.
  • All New Calendar: The new calendar component comes with built in support for Month, Week, Day, and Agenda views and is much easier to customize.
  • Shared Components File Upload: Files uploaded into shared components can be cached by your browser and are now referenced using relative file urls.
  • Reimagined User Interface: A competely reimagined user interface for Application Express which is focused on simplicity and removing clutter.

You can find more information and videos on Enhancements and Request a Workspace to test. Visit

And here are a couple of excellent Blogs that will keep you up to date on APEX tips and tricks:

Dimitri Gielis (Oracle Application Express)

(YABAOAE) Yet Another Blog About Oracle Application Express -Joel Kallman

Ciao for Now!


Best of OTN - Week of February 2nd

Fri, 2014-02-07 14:05

The past two weeks has been very busy with virtual events for our team.  We have some GREAT OnDemand content available for the Database and Systems Communities -

We also have our first Virtual Developer Conference event coming up February 20th -  Creating a Foundation for Cloud Applications using Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Coherence .  Register today!

Architect Community

SOA and Business Processes: You are the Process!
by Jürgen Kress, Berthold Maier, Hajo Normann, Danilo Schmeidel, Guido Schmutz, Bernd Trops, Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Torsten Winterberg
Part of the Industrial SOA series, this article looks at best practices for modeling and managing effective business processes.

Making the Move from Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator 12c
by Stewart Bryson
Oracle ACE Stewart Bryson's detailed guide to a phased migration to Oracle Data Integrator 12c that makes use of the integration and migration capabilities in ODI 12c.

Video: SOA Transformation (with Lonneke Dikmans)
Oracle ACE Director Lonneke Dikmans shares the details on a Dutch government agency's transition from an Oracle Forms-based environment to a service-oriented environment using Oracle SOA Suite in this interview recorded at Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart:
This one's fun, rather than funny. Fifty years ago this Sunday the Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, and popular music changed forever. Here's "I Want to Hold Your Hand" from that set.

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Best of OTN - Week of January 26th

Fri, 2014-01-31 15:59

Happy Friday!  Best of OTN coming at you!

Architect Community - 

The Question Lingers: Who Gets to Be an Architect?
Does someone become an IT architect simply by the assignment of a title? Who decides? Who defines that role? Listen to this podcast from the OTN ArchBeat archive as four working IT architects debate those questions and more.

Podcast: Taking Charge - Meeting #SOA Governance Challenges - Part 1
A roundtable discussion with four experts on the current state in the evolution of SOA Governance: what old problems persist, what new problems have presented themselves, and what can be done to implement an efficient and effective SOA governance program.

Flexible Manipulation of Session Timeout for Oracle Identity Manager Web Applications
Oracle Fusion Middleware Identity Management solution architect Firdaus Fraz's concise article focuses on session timeout configuration for Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2PS1 using an Oracle WebLogic deployment plan.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart:
The Super Bowl: 5 Years from Now, by Ben Jurney (from McSweeney's)

Java Community - 

Java Magazine is all about Big Data

Video: Java 8 Data and Time API

Coding on the Java 8 Date and Time API with Jim Gough from the London Java Community (LJC).

Blog: Groovy Crosses the Line with 3 Million Downloads a Year

Friday Funny from Tori Wieldt, OTN Java Community Manager: Geeks and Non-Geeks

IMPORTANT: My Oracle Support and OTN Profiles Merge on January 31, 2014

Wed, 2014-01-29 15:24

For My Oracle Support Community Users...

On January 31, 2014, we plan to migrate the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) to the same platform used for the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) forums. This platform will bring new community features to help make it easier to find information through a more intuitive interface, and enhance the way you connect with Oracle experts and industry peers. If you are a user who has the same email address that accesses both My Oracle Support Community and OTN forums, be sure to read this important blog brought to you by Oracle Support.

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