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Is SLOB AWR Generation Really, Really, Really Slow on Oracle Database Yes, Unless…

Tue, 2016-03-08 16:36

If you are testing SLOB against and find that the AWR report generation phase of is taking an inordinate amount of time (e.g., more than 10 seconds) then please be aware that, in the SLOB/awr subdirectory, there is a remedy script rightly called 11204-awr-stall-fix.sql.

Simply execute this script when connected to the instance with sysdba privilege and the problem will be solved.


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Reblogged: Providing A Persistent Data Volume to EMC XtremIO Using ClusterHQ Flocker, Docker And Marathon

Thu, 2016-02-25 15:53

I don’t reblog very often–if ever. However, this blog post from EMC’s Itzik Reich is a jewel. If you are like everyone else in IT and are starting to take an interest in Docker I recommend viewing Itzik’s post!

Itzikr's Blog


Containers are huge, that’s not a secret to anyone in the IT industry, customers are testing the waters and looking for many ways to utilize containers technologies, it is also not a secret that the leading vendor in this technology is docker.

But docker itself isn’t perfect yet, while it’s as trendy as trendy can get, there are many ways around the docker runtime to provide cluster management etc’..

It all started with a customer request some weeks ago, their request was “can you show us how do you integrate with docker, Marathon (to provide containers orchestration) and ClusterHQ Flocker to provide a persistent data volume..sounds easy right? J

Wait a second, isn’t containers technologies supposed to be completely lossless, designed to fail and do not need any persistent data that will survive a failure in case a container dies??

Well, that’s exactly where customers are asking things that…

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Performance Data Visualization for SLOB. The SLOB Expert Community is Vibrant!

Mon, 2016-02-22 13:58

Thanks to Nikolay Savvinov (@oradiag) for his excellent post on how to wrap his scripts around the SLOB test driver ( to capture and produce performance data visualization graphs.  I recommend a visit to his post here:

Performance Data Visualization with SLOB


As always, the link for SLOB is: Obtain the SLOB Kit and Helpful Information Here

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