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January(9) February(36) March(29) April(6)
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September(27) October November December(45)
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January(9) February(79) March(65) April(25)
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September(58) October(33) November(8) December(17)
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January(10) February(3) March(10) April(43)
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September(22) October(14) November(25) December(8)
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January(29) February(9) March(38) April(28)
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January(47) February(84) March(93) April(137)
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September(216) October(148) November(37) December(26)
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January(93) February(30) March(107) April(205)
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September(230) October(235) November(117) December(117)
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January(678) February(733) March(945) April(169)
May(232) June(109) July(394) August(72)
September(45) October(222) November(135) December(198)
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January(985) February(1171) March(894) April(469)
May(567) June(374) July(586) August(517)
September(100) October(194) November(378) December(703)
Year to date: 6938
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January(344) February(1318) March(658) April(1274)
May(1529) June(2291) July(1032) August(860)
September(783) October(674) November(422) December(620)
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January(401) February(411) March(254) April(252)
May(433) June(742) July(710) August(786)
September(448) October(323) November(625) December(558)
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January(517) February(562) March(642) April(1198)
May(1417) June(1062) July(804) August(304)
September(675) October(1290) November(1033) December(485)
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January(301) February(436) March(420) April(413)
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September(410) October(779) November(559) December(311)
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September(238) October(502) November(650) December(283)
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September(261) October(294) November(272) December(174)
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