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Oracle layoffs

According to the Enterprise System Spectator's website Oracle is busy laying off a large number of employees. According to the article, 8000 people or 10-15% of the company's workforce will lose their jobs today. Apparently similar layoffs are happening at SAP, Infor and possibly several other companies.

Several Oracle employees confirmed these layoffs at

Layoff In Bangalore, India

There were also unconfirmed news reports in Indian TV channels about 40 employees being laid off in Bangalore centre. There were also further information on layoffs from all Indian centers.


manufacture and prodcution compnies are safe in this layoff time

this is very good option for IT people , those are feeling unsafe due to lack of project..just go to production doesn't matter how much you are getting more salary from past ..but it safe...

so don't focus on money ..just safe your self...


Be Perfect in Technology, and also see for Another option

This is not the only business for every professional, but you are also capable to handle the other business. don't trust the software companies now a days.

venu v gopal
Consultant in Siebal Analytics

Layoffs still hapening in oracle

Well, it's confirmed that layoffs are happening silently in the technical and support teams of Oracle including India and Australia.