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Re: Email from PL/SQL with Java - UTL_SMTP - UTL_TCP

From: Charlie Mengler <>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:46:55 -0700
Message-Id: <>

Since I'm addicted to email notices, I configured my own instance with the UTL_SMTP package. I wrote some "wrapper" PL/SQL so that I can invoke a procedure & pass in three arguments; sender_name, recipient_list, & message (a text string). On my 8i instances I created DB triggers to send email messages upon startup & shutdown. On the V7 instances within the Unix scripts I invoke SQL*PLUS which runs a PL/SQL procedure that passes the same three arguments to MY V8.1.6 instance. Therefore all my DB's send me a message when they transistion state. All was done in PL/SQL; & no JAVA. In other words, I have a single DB that handles the SMTP interface for all the other DBs I support.

My message length is limited to the maximum length of a single VARCHAR2 variable in PL/SQL, but it satisfies my needs so far.

Steve Orr wrote:
> I need to implement email from PL/SQL triggers/procedures for an internet
> application and I'm studying the different ways to skin this cat...
> I'm looking at the UTL_SMTP Oracle supplied package which is specifically
> for emailing from PL/SQL. (Oracle 8.1.6+ only) It also requires the UTL_TCP
> package which requires $ORACLE_HOME/plsql/jlib/plsql.jar which means it
> requires the Java Virtual Machine on the Oracle Server.
> (From thin client to fat server? :-()
> I understand that: it takes over an hour to run the initjvm.sql install
> script; that Oracle recommends about 50MB for java_pool_size; and that 4000+
> objects will be created...
> (select count(*) from dba_objects where object_type like 'JAVA%').
> So now I'm wondering about the overhead of the JVM and whether it's worth it
> to go down this path just for email functionality.
> 1) Can anyone share their experience with installing the JVM and give
> feedback regarding the overhead.
> 2) Has anyone used UTL_SMTP to email from PL/SQL?
> 3) Are there any other approaches to email from PL/SQL that you would
> recommend?
> 4) Should I learn Java?
> Hemorrhaging on the bleeding edge,
> Steve Orr
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