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RE: Db_block_size

From: Sandeep Kurliye <>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 10:00:53 +0300
Message-Id: <>

When you issue command 'df -k', it gives you operating system block size in header.

This is an observation on AIX 4.3.2.


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	From:	Subramaniam, Lakshmi (L.) []
	Sent:	Thursday, July 20, 2000 2:15 AM
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	How do we find the operating system block size on unix?
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	From: Alex Hillman []
	Sent: Friday, June 09, 2000 6:49 PM
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	Maybe this rule of thumb a little outdated. First it depends on
what kind of file system you run (journal or not), if your box can use direct IO, what is the block size of your file system, what is the maximum I/O size of your box, can you change it (before Solarid 2.7 max size was 64K, 2.7 and up you can configure it in /etc/system). Generally, if direct I/O is enabled, your block size should be equal file system block size. Standard file system block size is 8K but you can create file system with bigger block size like 16k and make your Oracle block size 16K. There is an article on Steve Adams site why large block size is better - for OLTP mainly because of lowering of the haight of the indexes . So it is a little more complex that it looks like. There were very good presentations on IOUG by Gaja Vaidyanatha(sucking up :-) ) about performance tuning and RAIDs where these issues were explained.

        Alex Hillman

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	From: guy ruth hammond [
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	Eric Fang wrote: 

> Thanks, Chris, Rachel and Guy for the answers.
> Actually we don't have production database(anytime),
> so I don't even have the archive log files. My
> question is what's the benefits of increasing the
> db_block_size, what is the limit?
As a rule of thumb, large block size are good for OLAP loads, and small block sizes are good for OLTP. The actual sizing depends on your OS block size. Oracle thinks in terms of blocks when it does I/O. Therefore, if you can get an Oracle block in an integral number of OS blocks, this is good. If you have to read an entire OS block, but Oracle only wants part of that to complete a data block, this is bad. Cheers, g -- guy ruth hammond <> | One is punished for being Technology Analysis & Consulting | weak, not for being cruel. 07879607148 <> | -- Baudelaire -- Author: guy ruth hammond INET: Fat City Network Services -- (858) 538-5051 FAX: (858) 538-5051 San Diego, California -- Public Internet access / Mailing Lists -------------------------------------------------------------------- To REMOVE yourself from this mailing list, send an E-Mail message to: (note EXACT spelling of 'ListGuru') and in the message BODY, include a line containing: UNSUB ORACLE-L (or the name of mailing list you want to be removed from). You may
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