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Oracle Security Books

Oracle Identity Management: Governance, Risk and Compliance, 2nd Edition: Implementing Multinational Regulatory Compliance

In this comprehensive work, Dr. Pohlman leverages his experience as both a corporate board member and corporate governance solution implementer to provide a mechanism for promoting corporate accountability and stewardship of personally identifiable information within daily business operations. This guidebook enables both the implementer and the corporate board member to select, configure, and audit the flow of user information throughout the business, aligning the information flow with local laws and regulations. Prior to this effort, Dr.

Applied Oracle Security: Developing Secure Database and Middleware Environments

Cutting-edge techniques from leading Oracle security experts

This Oracle Press guide demonstrates practical applications of the most compelling methods for developing secure Oracle database and middleware environments. You will find full coverage of the latest and most popular Oracle products, including Oracle Database and Audit Vaults, Oracle Application Express, and secure Business Intelligence applications.

Oracle Security

Security in a relational database management system is complex, and too few DBAs, system administrators, managers, and developers understand how Oracle implements system and database security.

Security, Audit & Control Features Oracle E-Business Suite: A Technical and Risk Management Reference Guide, 2nd Edition

This guide provides frameworks and methodologies for auditing and testing in an Oracle environment using Release 11i. It is written with business managers in mind, as well as IT and assurance professionals, and has been updated to address:

Practical Oracle Security: Your Unauthorized Guide to Relational Database Security

This is the only practical, hands-on guide available to database administrators to secure their Oracle databases. This book will help the DBA to assess their current level of risk as well as their existing security posture. It will then provide practical, applicable knowledge to appropriately secure the Oracle database. The book's companion Web site contains dozens of working scripts that DBA's can use to secure and automate their Oracle databases.

Oracle Database Security, Audit and Control Features

As systems have migrated from mainframe to client-server and multi-tiered web application environments, the criticality of protecting the database has grown at a tremendous rate. The confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements of the database tier are at an all time high because employees, customers and business partners demand access to data in an immediate and consistent manner. Further, the reality and awareness of security risks are growing, resulting in higher security expectations.

Oracle Forensics Using Quisix

Oracle Forensics will delve deep in the guts of undocumented Oracle features and show where to find the digital footprints left by an attacker. It will show how to:

o) Hunt for digital evidence by dissecting the Redo Logs and locating dropped and deleted objects

o) Study disparate log files and audit trails to build accurate timelines of events

o) Work out how an attacker broke in and how to keep them out

o) Perform a forensic analysis using scenarios based upon real world incidents

HOWTO Secure and Audit Oracle 10g and 11g

  This guide demonstrates how to secure sensitive data and comply with internal and eternal audit regulations using Oracle 10g and 11g. It provides the hands-on guidance required to understand the complex options provided by Oracle and the know-how to choose the best option for a particular case. The book presents specific sequences of actions that should be taken to enable, configure, or administer security-related features. It includes best practices in securing Oracle and on Oracle security options and products.

Oracle Security Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: Oracle Database Security Certification Review

The Ultimate Reference & Learning Guide for IT Security and Oracle Database Professionals!

Oracle Security

Security in a relational database management system is complex, and too few DBAs, system administrators, managers, and developers understand how Oracle implements system and database security.