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Free Oracle event with beer: London 3/7/2014

Wed, 2014-06-18 07:34

A quick note to drum up interest in a free Oracle event being hosted by e-dba in London on the evening of 3rd July 2014.

The aim is to have a series of informal get togethers over beer, pizza and some good Oracle speakers.

The theme of the first event is based around upgrading.

We have Jonathan Lewis presenting on general principles and strategies for upgrading the RDBMS.

I will be doing a couple of live demos including an in place 12c upgrade in 15 minutes and hopefully showing how to migrate from an 11gR2 database to a new 12c pluggable database with a full transportable datapump import – a new migration method for 12c.

Not to mention the discussion on Swingbench and SLOB.

Did I mention the free beer?

Hope to see you there.

Oracle ASM 12c: New Features

Mon, 2014-04-07 04:44

Last week I was lucky enough to be presenting at the UKOUG AIM SIG. There was a decent enough crowd in attendance and there were some really interesting talks and some really good speakers. In particularly I found Chris Lawless speaking on replication a particularly engaging speaker, and Dave Webster really held the audiences attention late in day.

I was giving a presentation on the new features available to you with 12c ASM. The presentation is below. What you don’t get from the ppt, though is the various demos I did, and in particular seeing flex ASM in action on my 4-node 12c RAC demo cluster.

I should confess, the above isn’t quite what I presented as I did pictures instead of text for the new features.

For clearest understanding, you probably want to download the ppt and actually read the notes attached to each slide.